Philosophy and Goals

We acknowledge value and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past and present. We acknowledge the Dharawal People and Aboriginal Land and the Aboriginal Community where Tattle Tales Preschool is built. We value and encourage the Aboriginal Community’s support, interactions and participation in the preschool community.

Tattle Tales Preschool is a community of learners where children work alongside others to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Educators work in partnership with families because we see the family as the most important part of a child’s life. We strive to encourage, support and develop positive and warm relationships that are secure and respectful with children and their families. These relationships promote trust and support in the exchange and sharing of information.

As part of wider community Tattle Tales Preschool strives to be a centre providing high quality early childhood education. We understand the importance and advocate for preschool attendance for children and their years prior to formal schooling. We encourage members of the local community to become involved in the life of preschool as well as the preschool participating in community events.

Our vision is of the child belonging, being and becoming within themselves, their family, their preschool and within the community. Belonging is knowing where and with whom you belong. Being is seeking and making meaning of the world and becoming reflects the changes that occur as young children learn and grow.

Our image of the child is one of a capable, resourceful and competent learner who is an active contributor to their own learning. We believe every child is developing a strong sense of their own identity and a sense of wellbeing as they experience the world around them. We understand each child is broadening their connections and contributing to their own world as well as being active participants in different relationships and communities. We believe that children become confident and involved learners and effective communicators in supportive learning environment.

We believe every child is a unique person, with their own interests, learning style, natural pattern of growth and culture. When provided with the opportunity, space and time to interact with meaningful environment a child can construct new ideas and develop their existing knowledge.